In the Beginning
In 2008, Kurt Squiers of SQUiERS, LLC and Gregg Ferguson of Current Motion, teamed up to take the recession head-on and produce a feature-length documentary entitled, AC/DC: Beyond the Thunder, a film about how this extraordinary band has influenced so many diverse, extraordinary fans. The duo found no shortage lining up actors, authors, athletes, blues greats, CEO's, cover bands, comedians, professors, fellow musicians and more to pay homage to these rock ’n' roll Hall of Famers, including: Slash, Johnny Winter, Anthrax, Drive By Truckers, Lemmy, Eddie Trunk, Dweezil Zappa, Guns ’N’ Roses, Big & Rich, Mastodon, Dee Snider, Trevor Hoffman, Jim Breuer, Clint Bowyer, Anvil, Dropkick Murphys, Jonathan Craft, Pat Boone, Living Colour, 2CELLOS and many, many more.
After shooting on the Highway to Hell for two years, Squiers and Ferguson approached AC/DC’s management to seek partnership with the band for a world-wide commercial release. After countless attempts for a face-to-face with the band's fortress, the duo sent a proof of concept edit for review, and while the band said they, “weren’t quite ready to make a historic piece while we're still making history,” AC/DC liked what they saw.
Apparently so did others. Covered in ADWEEK, Spin, Kerrang!, even a cover story in Classic Rock Magazine, featuring a DVD of the film’s trailer, AC/DC: Beyond the Thunder went viral across media platforms. Eventually, a special screening of the film was requested to be previewed in London during The Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards in front of The Who, The Stones, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Iggy Pop, among others, with Squiers accepting the album of the year award for AC/DC’s ‘Black Ice’ on behalf of the fans. The film's trailer was asked to go on tour with The Melbourne Arts Centre, Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art, and at the AC/DC endorsed Australia’s Family Jewels Exhibition touring Sydney, Melbourne, Glasgow and Seattle. All of a sudden, the industry began discussing distribution deals for a film that didn’t quite yet exist. But with no partnership, and no music rights from the band, AC/DC: Beyond the Thunder was, for all intents and purposes, shot down in flames.
Blow Up Your Podcast
After a decade of wondering if the film would ever catch lightning, Kurt & Gregg decided to dust off these wonderful stories of extraordinary fans discussing their affinity for AC/DC and harness the energy into a vehicle that just might work…a podcast. After capturing over 50 interviews and with a newfound momentum to create all new episodes with partner and sound engineer Eric Kielb, AC/DC: Beyond the Thunder is back, serving up inspirational stories about the fans, for the fans, by the fans. For those about to talk, we salute you!
Who Made Who
AC/DC: Beyond the Thunder theme song, “Trailor Trash” written and performed by Gannon Arnold, VO talent by Bruce Jacobson, cinematography and sound recording by Gregg Ferguson, engineered and mixed by Eric Kielb, written, directed and hosted by Kurt Squiers, produced by Gregg Ferguson, Eric Kielb, and Kurt Squiers. AC/DC: Beyond the Thunder is a SQUiERS, LLC / Current Motion production. ©AC/DC: Beyond the Thunder Podcast. All rights reserved. 
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Beyond the Thunder Promo Trailer
For Those About to Watch (we salute you)!
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